Today’s Thoughts

Transformation happens when we face that which scares us most.  A quick glance inside typically won’t do.  Transformation is also about getting in contact with our desires; connecting and acknowledging that which burns inside of us.

I believe humans have a huge capacity to hold emotions and desires inside a complex system of avoidance and denial.  It is only through the constant act of “peeling away” the many layers, that we begin to uncover all that is alive in us.  I believe we must become one part archeologist, one part thrill seeker; a balancing act of discovery (involution) and release (exvolution).

The first place to start is simply to notice what is there.  That is the first step on the journey.



Diversion – two stories of trajedy and disollusionment

Read any news site today and you’ll find two very different tragedies that have galvanized the world.  One for it’s scope and devastation; the other for its brutality. Both stories look for answers to the unanswerable – the death of innocent lives born from an anger buried deep within the two perpetrators.

It is also about race.  One man was black.   The other white.  Both lost touch with reason in order to carry out heinous crimes against “other”.  One, an apparent Islamist extremist.  The other, a pure racist. One is dead.  The other faces incarceration for life.

But before all of this, they were both someone’s child.  A fathers son.  A mothers joy, born to a world with infinite possibilities. But somewhere along their respective paths, they diverged.  A switch went off and we lost them forever.

I wonder what lessons we can learn from these two, very different men, who fell into darkness.  Can we find a moment of humility to look back into their stories.  To learn how and why that switch went off.  How they both succumbed to the elixir of hate.  We owe it to ourselves and to those lost in their rampages. We must talk to each other and be open to our collective experiences.

But, can we do this?

A manual for living

The decision to take action comes with risk.  Some times we come out on top and other times we don’t.  Since there is no “manual for living”, everything we do is a grand experiment.  The question is this – can we accept the outcomes as they are?

This is where our ability to reflect and sit (be still) with our experiences becomes critical.  We can observe our passage through the world, without allowing our reactions and/or judgements to pull us one way or another.  We are in an open state of observation.

A perfect way to be in the world considering the potentials in front of us are equally open.






Massive: Things that go “bump” in the night.

I awoke with my heartbeat in my throat.  I wasn’t sure, but my instincts told me something was alive, in me and outside.  From my blurry sleep I caught the dark, massive shadow arch across the bedroom wall opposite to the window.

I didn’t move.  I lay motionless as if frozen to the bed.  Only my eyes moved – peering over the covers – looking for the dreadful return of the mass.

What was it?  I listen, struggling to hear over my racing breath.  Was it a dream?  Maybe a illusion created by the re-entry of my  astral  body during sleep?  My mind raced. My ears hunted.

Meanwhile, the shadow moved swiftly, but silently up the trail away from the house.  Peering over it’s massive shoulders – still tuned to the racing heartbeat it channeled as it moved – the shadow could taste the adrenaline of the sleeper, bitter on its lips.

It would be back.



via Daily Prompt: Massive

“Tweeting” – A cry in the dark?

There was a time when a man was called out for his beliefs through the art of debate. There was a moral imperative that called for action – standing behind what you say and a willingness to hear other in response.

But times have changed. We (US) face a self-inflicted moral deficit while hiding behind technology as we espouse our beliefs via a “tweet”.  More extraordinarily, we can say whatever we want and find an audience. Our radical beliefs now land for people who are also struggling with deep seeded insecurities and loss. Frustration, paranoia, hate – all are symptoms of how we turn our inner struggle outward.

People cannot stand tall if they are languishing in despair – regardless of what side of the issues they may stand on.  Through turbulent times, our path should be to seek our “individual truth” with inner resolve, while acknowledging that which is alive in us.  The direction of our voice, mindful of the fact that there is another human being on the receiving end.

We must be able to stand and be witnessed by the masses for what we find in our search.  No projection.  No demands.  Just an earnest reflection of our soul.  And we need not rely on technology to become our voice.

It seems today that a “tweet” can be interpreted as a “cry in the dark”.  And where there is pain, there is the potential for healing.

Why plan?

Are you happy in your current position? Does your business give you the feeling of success? Does your team have a common focus or goal?

If you answered “no” to any these questions, then perhaps your problem is that you and your business lacks a plan.

So here’s my “tip for the day” – make a plan. Don’t do anything else till you have a plan. Forget about missed opportunities or sales calls or email blast – they are all reactive measures without direction or focus.   There is nothing cohesive to hold everything together.

This only comes with planning.

So bite the bullet and take the time to create a plan for the coming year. Define your goals.  Create strategies.  Evaluate your markets, products and services.  Then look at how and where your sales and social media campaigns fit in.

You’ll begin to see the possibilities.  You’ll be able to say “yes!”

Believe me…it will be well worth it.