What is Enough

In our pursuit for the perfect California location, one question keeps coming up for me – What is enough when it comes to a house?

Besides the “where”, there is the “what” as in what do we need when it comes to a floor plan. Two bedrooms, three bedrooms, 1.5 baths, 2 baths? 1,000 sq. ft.? More?

Can we be happy with less if it creates more openness for what we want in our lives? Opportunity comes in the energy we put forth into the collective experience of living. When the material things around us take precedence over the quality of the experience, then it’s time for a check-in.


To Rent or To Return

The cost of renting a home in southern California is, well shocking.  How do most people out here do it?  You have the posh, three blocks from the beach, types of homes that fetch $6K to $8K per month. You have small California style bungalows fetching $4K to $6K. And the price doesn’t drop that much moving in-land.

What’s the deal out here?

OK, so we are somewhat picky  – no apartments, condos or townhouses.  So that makes our search more difficult.  But the prices still don’t add up for a couple who have a small, lovely home in Santa Fe with a mortgage at $1K.

Are the benefits of living in San Diego really 4 to 6 times greater?  Perhaps, but the verdict is still up in the air for us.



I find myself in a place of collapse as I write this blog. I feel a bit depressed, while at the same time, stirred up as I’m looking to relocate to southern California. I’m uncomfortable inside of me; not feeling my power.

I experience “collapsing” as a human quality and I believe most of us experience collapsing on some level.  For clarity, I’m not talking about a breakdown.

When I say “collapse”, I mean a drop in emotional, physical and mental state of being. To “fold inward” and to “back away” from a singular situation or the world-at-large; all dependent on what the source or issue is that’s coming up from inside.  For the most part, I can identify what’s the source or reason when I experience myself collapsing.  I can catch myself, but today is different.

Today, I can feel the power in my emotions bubbling up to the surface: fear, inadequacy, a lack of being grounded.

So I head to the beach.  I open to the expansiveness.  Let the sun, sand and breeze do their thing.

I walk to the water, feel it’s coolness against my skin.  I acknowledge what’s inside.  I collapse into the next wave.  This time, it’s refreshing and uplifting.

Sometimes, all I need to do is dive in.




“The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.”
― C.S. Lewis

I recently sat (meditated) with a group in a fellowship circle. The question that was put to the group prior to the meditation was this – “what does it feel like to be in fellowship?”

I pondered this after the group, looking for answers in my experiences of being in the world. A friend of mine said of fellowship – “it was an interaction that leads to actions”. She recently injured herself and was experiencing this swell of community support around her recovery. We also discussed the connection between community as a theme and fellowship. Are they one in the same? Are they mutually exclusive?

So what does fellowship mean to me? My take on fellowship is this: A heart space in which we intentional take action to create a group or community.  I believe fellowships are intentional. We create fellowship to help carry some process forward.
Sometimes the intention are unspoken in the beginning, but eventually become articulated in order to keep the fellowship alive and growing.

Fellowship is a broad topic, with many interpretation I’m sure.  I’m not sure about the question in regards to the word “feel”.  Is there a tangible feeling or experience with fellowship?

What does fellowship look and feel like to you?  I’d like to hear different viewpoints on the topic of fellowship.

What Does Story Tell Us About Life?

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell

So many of our stories and myths are essentially about life.  What are the basics of life and living. What to consider. What to avoid.

One of the central themes of the Wisdom Path is about using story (and myth) to highlight the many different lessons on life.  Stories, shared by thought leaders from across this great land, to create a pathway for all of us to follow.  What cultures before believed, experienced, shared and how to apply those lessons from the past, today.

A Simple Exercise

As you move through your day, I hope you’ll take the time to be an observer of your own life. To question the “who am I” and “how am I”.  To examine how you interact with the world around you. To search inside, to see if you are in fact “tuned in” to your life and calling.

A great exercise that requires no gym, warm-up or supplement.  Just you.

There will be more themes associated with the Wisdom Path Podcast shared in the blog in the coming days. Stay tuned.


Family Photo
Photo (1967)

“When a father, absent by day, returns home at six, his children only receive his temperament, not his teaching”…Robert Bly

My father is 83 years old this October.  He is about to move from the house he’s lived in the past twelve years.

His mind is leaving him but his body is strong.

I wanted to write something in praise of him, but realized that I really don’t know what to say.

He wasn’t available to me.  He still calls me Billy (I’m almost fifty).  We see the world very differently.

I will forever be his son.  Not his equal.  Not a man.

I’ve come to understand that I don’t, and probably never will,  really know him.

It’s not for lack of effort.  It just wasn’t meant to be in this life time.

But this I know.

He’s going to be 83 in a month.

A man who lives this long deserves some words of kindness.









The Wisdom Path: the Search for the Storyteller.

Image result for robert bly quotes

(This is the first of a series of blogs related to a projected called the Wisdom Path Podcast. )

Storytellers are the individual responsible for keeping oral tradition and story alive.  Through their words and wisdom, they carry the water of life forward.  Giving us insights into the great mystery and ourselves.

But where are the storytellers of today?  Who now is responsible for holding and sharing the story?

This is why I’ve created the Wisdom Path Podcasts.  The primary goal of this podcast is to re-kindle the fires in all of us.  It is to resurrect the role of the storyteller and mentor.  Through candid, heart-felt conversation and sharing, we hope to engage a dialog that will reconnect those before us with those of us today seeking truth and congruence.  A bridge spanning the gap of time.

We also hope to re-build the relationships within the father/family paradigm.  To give a name to the pain and disconnect so many of us feel in our lives today.  This is a journey.  An exploration of an intimate kind.

We hope you’ll stay tuned for more on the Wisdom Path Podcast series.