Intention + Offering + Action = Opportunity for Everyone

Recently, Marilyn and I were asked to help a young lady in need of a job.  We contacted a friend that we know in community and a meeting was scheduled.  Four days later, the young lady was working her first training shift.

It took about 30 minutes and a little effort and know-how.  The outcome, potentially, could be life changing for the person on the receiving end; an opportunity for much needed income, personal growth and long-term success.

To make this happen, we followed a very simple formula.  We put an intention out to the world, we offered of ourselves and we took action when opportunity arose.

Marilyn and I have made a conscious effort to become more involved in helping others in community.  We are leveraging our contacts in community, utilizing our cognitive surplus and expressing our genuine care for the people around us. We’ve even begun to enroll our friends in hopes of creating a network of community minded, community active, individuals who want to be involved.

There is no greater time than now, for all of us to take action in our lives.  Whether it’s helping others or helping one’s self. Now is the time to step out of our mind busy state and look around to see where and when we can make a difference.

When we step out of ourselves, we find opportunity for everyone.

Are you ready to step?


What is your favorite daily ritual?

What is your favorite daily ritual?

I think about this question this morning as I write (a new morning ritual for me).  Something I do daily to make my life better. Coffee, a hot cup at dawn, can be such a ritual (and one of my favorites).  Meditation, yoga, walking, writing, exercising, are all ways we can center ourselves before stepping into our busy lives.

So I’d like to hear from some of you in community in what that looks like for you.  I traditionally start my day with my morning meditation followed by a cup of my favorite coffee (local roast preferred).  This “ritual’ gives me direction in my day and helps me ground in what ever emotion or feeling is coming up for me.  A place in which to intentionally begin my day.

So, what’s your favorite daily ritual?  How does this help you?